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Approaching T2! And Groundhog Day!

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Mr. GroundhogThe end of January is almost here, and you know what that means: another month of winter has been put behind us. For northern triathletes that is definitely something to celebrate, although it also means the beginning of February. Not exactly everyone's favorite month, is it? 

The end of January also means that T2 in the National Challenge Competition is coming up fast. Time to lift the hammer and let the bike legs cool down a little? Not likely. Given the results to date it seems more likely that all teams will be going full gas right to the line in order to secure the highest possible standing in the bike session. Of course there are no wobbly run legs to worry about when you don't have to go straight from the bike to the run, so feel free to keep the hammer down until midnight tonight. 

Again, we are keeping the session 'open' for mileage entries for 48 hours. That means club reps have until midnight on February 2 (Groundhog Day!) to enter all miles for the Bike Session. For anyone else checking the site, you'll see the current session status change from Bike to Run, but you will not see any run miles until February 3. 

For club reps, just a friendly reminder that only miles accumulated during January can be added to the Bike Session, and only miles accumulated during February can be added to the Run Session. 

See you after Groundhog Day, folks, and let's hope the wee beastie doesn't see his shadow this year. 

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