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Pre-Competition Info for 2012-2013


If you're reading this post, you must be a keener. Or maybe a club rep. Almost the same thing. 

Registration for the 2012-2013 edition of the USA Triathlon National Challenge Competition opens on November 1, 2012. That means club reps can register their clubs and begin adding athletes to their rosters ahead of the December 1 official start date.

This year athletes will once again be able to enter their own results, which means a lot less work for club reps. The response last year to this feature was overwhelmingly positive so it looks like it will be a permanent thing.

New for this year

As always, we're trying to make the competition and the website better each time out by tweaking the rules and adding new things. 

First, the rules:
  • Mileage entry time limit: the end-of-competition poll prompted the creation of a 1 week time limit to enter your miles. No more sandbagging until the end of the month. Athletes must enter their miles within 7 days of completing them.
  • Elliptical trainer miles: these are allowed again this year, but athletes should enter their actual miles when entering into the system. Last year you had to divide by 3, but this year the system will do the weighting calculations for you.
  • Cross-country ski miles: requested by many northern athlete, these will count the same as elliptical miles. Enter what you ski, the system will calculate the rest.

Full rules are available on the Rules page.

Second, the website:

  • New graphs: the flash graphs from previous years have been replaced by iPad-friendly javascript charts from Highcharts
  • Regional standings: no prizes for the winners but you can now see how your club is doing against others in your USAT region
  • Age group standings: these were implemented post-competition last season and they're back now with new age groups
  • Design tweaks: the site has been updated to make it easier for everyone to find things, like the login button for instance. Also new is the 'fat footer' with all the important links, and a drop-down standings menu to make it easier to navigate around the site
Club reps, don't forget it's a 2 step process to enable your athletes to record their own miles:
  1. From the Manage Your Team page, add the athlete to your team.
  2. From your team list, select an athlete and then enter their email address on the next page where it says 'Allow athlete to enter own mileage'
  3. The athlete will get an email with their login credentials and can begin entering their miles on December 1.
Good luck again this year, everyone.
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