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Triathletes are not lazy by nature, this much we all know to be true. But we also don't like doing more work than we have to, especially when it comes to logging and tracking workouts. 

Pittsburgh Tri Club member and all-around smart guy Roman Kharkovski knows this. So he decided to make life just a bit easier for everyone who uses both Training Peaks and the USAT NCC site. 

The Tri-Replicator is a free product that makes it easy to replicate Training Peaks workouts on the USAT NCC site without having to re-enter everything. Last year 30 people used it (and liked it) and we're happy to make it available again this year. It's really pretty cool.

If you use Training Peaks and want to save time re-entering those workouts into the NCC site then the Tri-Replicator is for you. 

Get the Tri-Replicator here.


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