Results of Swim Bike & Run Sessions


The final results for each of the three sessions are now available on the Results page - including which teams made it to the session benchmark distances and when. 

Official results will be announced soon by USA Triathlon, but everything on this page is accurate. 

Congratulations (in advance) to all the winners, but also to everyone who took part in the competition this year. We had the highest number of teams (149) and athletes (3,659) since the event began in 2006-2007. 

Let the racing begin.

48 Hours

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The Swim session is almost over, so it's time to remind everyone how the mileage entry system works. If you are a veteran NCCer you already know this but it might be good to read this anyway.

Everyone has an additional 48 hours to enter their December miles (swim, bike or run). 

Only miles done in December can be entered during this 48 hour period. The 2 week cutoff remains in effect, so only miles done in the second half of December can be entered.

January 1 is the beginning of the Bike session, so any miles done from that point forward count towards the Bike session only. 

You can start entering your miles on the website starting at 1 second past midnight on January 3, once the 48 hour period for entering your December miles has passed.

If you visit the website without logging in, you'll see the session change to Bike on January 1. If you login, however, you'll see the session as Swim - for that additional 48 hour period. 

Giving Athletes Admin Rights

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Since this is the season when it's better to give than to receive, here are the instructions on how Club Reps can give their athletes the ability to log their own miles. 

If you aren't a Club Rep you don't need to know this, but it might be good to know anyway. 

Step 1: Login

  • login as a Club Rep

Step 2: Create your team

  • once you login, select 'Manage Your Team' from the menu
  • hit the Big Green Button and add athletes to your team using the form provided
  • the Manage Your Team page will show a list of everyone on your team

Step 3: Give an athlete admin rights

  • on the list of athletes on the Manage Your Team page, select an athlete you want to have admin rights
  • enter their information into the form where it says 'allow athlete to enter own mileage' You will need to know their email address for this to work
  • submit the form, and an email with login credentials will be sent to the athlete
Voila. That's it that's all. 


Widgets! They have changed

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Embedding a mileage widget on your club's website just got a little bit easier.

This year if you want to have a customized widget for your site showing your club's mileage to date, you don't have to make a special request and then wait for the code to be sent to you. That's so 2012. Now all you need to do is add your club ID number to the standard embed code available on the Widgets page. 

Not sure what a mileage widget looks like? Kinda like this:

But with actual miles showing. And updated with current mileage for your club.

The embed code is availabe on the widgets page, and club reps can see the entire embed code with the correct club ID once they login. 

5 Things you need to know about the NCC


Whether this is your 7th NCC or your first, there are some Very Important Things you need to know about the USAT National Challenge Competion. Master these Things and your NCC-fu will be strong. 

1. Enter your workout miles promptly.

In order to prevent teams (or athletes) from hoarding their miles until the end of the month, and to keep the standings as current as possible, everyone must enter their miles within 7 days of a swim bike or run. The date picker in the entry form only goes back 7 days. 

2. Check your mileage entries.

Did you select 'miles' when you mean 'yards'? Did you accidentally add a '0' to your run distance? Errors are easy to fix but even easier if you enter your mileage accurately the first time. 

3. Mistakes will happen.

Don't panic. Every year someone enters an epic workout by accident and doesn't notice right away (see point #2). If you see something crazy and it doesn't get corrected then you can contact USAT using the form on the contact page and it will get looked into. It's almost always an entry error and these always get fixed. 

Keep in mind though that some NCCers are ultra-distance athletes and are capable of putting in some high-mileage workouts, especially on the run. Runs in excess of marathon distances do get entered. 

4. You have 48 extra hours after the end of each session.

After each session ends you will have an extra 48 hours to finish entering your mileage for the session. The 7 day rule still applies though - for example the Swim Session ends at midnight December 31 but you have until midnight January 2 to enter any mileage you put in during the final week of December only. You can't enter anything from weeks 1, 2 or 3.

5. Mileage entry for the Bike and Run Sessions begins on the 3rd of the month.

See point #4 - since the sessions are extended by 48 hours (for mileage entry only - you can't have a swim from January 1 count towards the December Swim Session) the next session opens for mileage entry on the 3rd of the month. Don't worry, the site is not broken. No angry emails please. 

And there you have it. Understand these 5 Things and you'll have a more enjoyable NCC experience.

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