End of the Swim Session

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Ok, so now that the Mayan calendar scare is past we can all move on to more important things. Like the end of the Swim Session. 

For all the newcomers and anyone who has been here before but who has forgotten how this works, this is how the session wraps up. 

The official end to the Swim Session is midnight on December 31. If any of you are unlucky enough to be in the pool at that time you may as well stop swimming. Not only is it time to grab a glass of champagne, any distance covered after midnight will not go towards the Swim Session - it will (or should, if you log it honestly) go towards January's session, the Bike Session. 

However, you still have 48 hours to log your December miles.

Up until midnight local time on January 2, 2013 you can still add your miles for December. Any mileage you actually DO on January 1 and 2 will count towards the Bike Session, but you won't be able to log those until January 3. Got it?

Because of the 7 day cutoff this year, that means that up until midnight January 2 you will be able to add any miles you put in from December 24 onwards. Anything you did before that date cannot be entered, but the 7 day cutoff ends on the 31st. 



  • the Swim Session officially ends December 31 at midnight
  • December miles can be entered up until January 2 at midnight
  • the Bike Session begins on January 1 at one second past midnight
  • January miles can be entered beginning on January 3 at one second past midnight
Official results will take a few days as we look at who hit the benchmark first, and which teams won which divisions. The standings on the site are accurate but unofficial until the announcements are made by USA Triathlon.


3 responses to “End of the Swim Session”

  1. Steve Creigh Says:
    Okay, so we get 48 hours, ending midnight Jan 2....but the page to log results shows January for the month, and won't take any date earlier than the 24th. How is THAT gonna work?
  2. Jeff Says:
    hi Steve - the mileage entry form shows December, not January. It will continue to show December until January 3. After that you can enter your January miles. Until then, this gives everyone a chance to enter any miles done from December 24 to December 30.

    Before last year the club reps had to enter everyone's miles, which could take quite a while. The extra 48 hours was to give them enough time to do that. Most clubs now allow athletes to enter their own miles, but the 48 hour grace period remains as a courtesy.

    I hope that's clear.

    Jeff McCartney
    Racetracker / USAT
  3. Roman Kharkovski Says:
    I created a free application to automatically copy all workouts for athletes from their Trainingpeaks.com account into the USAt NCC site - without having to enter data twice in both places. Feel free to use it for free - I am triathlete myself and participate in NCC. The data is encrypted and protected by google security: https://tri-replicator.appspot.com/

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