Giving Athletes Admin Rights

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Since this is the season when it's better to give than to receive, here are the instructions on how Club Reps can give their athletes the ability to log their own miles. 

If you aren't a Club Rep you don't need to know this, but it might be good to know anyway. 

Step 1: Login

  • login as a Club Rep

Step 2: Create your team

  • once you login, select 'Manage Your Team' from the menu
  • hit the Big Green Button and add athletes to your team using the form provided
  • the Manage Your Team page will show a list of everyone on your team

Step 3: Give an athlete admin rights

  • on the list of athletes on the Manage Your Team page, select an athlete you want to have admin rights
  • enter their information into the form where it says 'allow athlete to enter own mileage' You will need to know their email address for this to work
  • submit the form, and an email with login credentials will be sent to the athlete
Voila. That's it that's all. 


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