Swim Session Results, 2015-2016


Congratulations to the following clubs and individuals on their accomplishments during the swim session of the 2015-2016 National Challenge Competition:

Swim Benchmark

Salt Lake Triathlon Club came away with a close win for the first club to reach the swim bench mark. The Atlanta Tri Club was not too far behind.

Individual Swim Winners

  • Male: Alan Voisard - Tri Club San Diego Team 1 - 170.1 miles
  • Female: Annie Hayman - T3 Tampa Tri Team - 130.31 miles

Division Winners

  • Division 1: Triathlon Club of San Diego Team 1 – 17257.40 (weighted) miles 
  • Division 2: Kansas River Valley Triathlon Club - 7033.90 (weighted) miles 
  • Division 3: Black Triathletes Association – 9512.20 (weighted) miles 
  • Division 4: Get Fit Families – 5957.60 (weighted) miles 
  • Division 5: Gulf Coast Multi-Sport – 5181.70 (weighted) miles

The 2015-2016 National Challenge Competition is off to a great start. This year has seen the highest club participation and includes many collegiate clubs too. You can view the December results on the USA Triathlon website under “Results”. Full results will be available on the National Challenge Competition website soon.

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