Welcome to 2014 - 2015


Hello and welcome and/or welcome back to the USA Triathlon National Challenge Competition (NCC) for 2014-2015. 

If you were here last year you already know the drill, but if this is your first time or if it's your first time as club rep then there are a few "how to" posts from previous years you should have a look at. 

General Info

The best intro is the 5 Things You Need to Know About the NCC.  It covers things like how and when to enter your distances, when sessions are closed to further entries and tips on avoiding errors. 

Admin Rights 

If you are a club rep you should give your athletes the ability to enter and edit their own distances. That is not the default setting so clubb reps need to turn that on for each athlete. See the Giving Athletes Admin Rights post for this info.


If your club has a website (likely) then you can display a widget that tracks your progress right on your own site. It's super easy and it looks pretty cool too. Instructions are in the Widgets! They Have Changed post from last year.


General NCC rules as set by USAT are available too, check the USAT website for the official rules.

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