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Racetracker members who join as part of a triathlon, running, or other athletic club get exclusive access to some additional features not available to individual athletes:

NEW for 2009: Team Features are now available to everyone! Anyone joining as an individual (non-team) athlete is automatically placed on Team No Team and has access to all team features.

Race Results
See head-to-head comparison of results for you and any other team member in the same race.

Training Calendar
Track your swim, bike, run, brick, weight training, even ski or snowshoe workouts on our Linear Calendar in as much or as little detail as you like.
Embed your Google or other online maps directly into the Calendar
View monthly and year-to-date data for all workout types.
Show upcoming races and link to your results after the race.

See the Training page for details.

Team Reports
Track and compare race results for all club members
Track and compare training sessions for all club members
Show race and training results standings for your club vs other Racetracker clubs and teams.

All 'official' teams also get a customized "Join" page branded with your team logo where members can sign up, plus

To add your club, just use the form on the Join page.